Transform The Way You Receive Payments When You Add DNERO Payment Solutions!

Accept payments via smartphone with a QR code.
It´s the new way. It´s Smart Money!

Both consumers and merchants are increasingly embracing in-app payments and app-based commerce. Retailers and merchants are ramping up their acceptance of mobile apps to provide innovative shopping experiences for customers. In the United States, use of digital wallets will increase at a 45 percent compounded annual growth rate to nearly $400 billion by 2022. DNERO will be leading the charge with its innovative and first-to-market all-encompassing solutions. With DNERO, your smartphone becomes smart money.

Accept Crypto Currency Payments
App users will be able to pay you instantly with USD or Crypto Currency from their smartphone.
You will receive all payments instantly in USD.
No Charge Backs and No Reserves!

Reach Thousands Of New Customers
 Real time innovative ways to engage with current & new customers with special promotions to their smartphone.
Create customer loyalty with cash back rewards.

Monetize Customer Base
 When your customers are shopping at other DNERO merchants, you will receive 1% cash back from all DNERO users that sign up through your establishment!

Save $ On Transactions Fees…Why Pay More?
Pay flat 2% on all transactions fees.